14 April 2018

heart. soul. mind.


21 March 2018

women have no understanding of men. women judge men solely based on their facial expressions and/or outward appearances. they try to name his emotion. they try to understand what causes his emotions. they cannot understand.


I have no emotions. I deny my emotions. I have no feelings. I don’t want to have feelings. Today, any expression of emotion is bound to be misunderstood and then the term “mental health” will be applied.


the end of mental health is to take pills. I would rather die.

16 March 2018

When you hear the same or a similar phrase from more than one person. Pay attention. Welcome to reality… an young Amish Entrepreneur said this to me. A lawyer also said it to me.

They both said it as a response to something I had said to them.

That means that whatever I said to them resonated with their sense of reality.


What is reality?